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(SJPHX-004) SPOILED "Self Titled" Cassette

$5.00 / On Sale

Light Sonic Blue Cassette Tape. Limited to 100 copies.

SPOILED is loud rock 'n' roll from Phoenix, Arizona. Listen here:


Track Listing:
1) Golden Friend
2) Talk to Myself
3) Old Hymns
4) Bad Feelings
5) Dirt Queen
6) Good Grief
7) New Silly
8) Move Forward
9) Lab Rats

"These Phoenix punks set the tone for their nine-song EP with the tortured catharsis of “Golden Friend,” Jesse Upshaw directing his rage at a hit-and-run driver as he shouts, “I lost a friend by the side of the road just the other day / I still feel the pain and the hurt but you just drove away.” Upshaw doesn’t always do the unhinged shouting thing, but when he does – on “Bad Feelings,” for instance – the impact is electrifying. Other highlights range from the menacing post-Stooges swagger of “Talk to Myself” to the post-punk guitars on the quieter parts of “Old Hymns” and blues-punk grind of “Dirt Queen.” -Ed Masley, AZCentral